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My Bio: I started as an entertainer in the early 1970's as a stand up comedian, singer and compare, supporting acts such as Tommy Cooper and Jim Davidson and working around the Midlands club scene. My Wife & I, Jackie took our first pub in 1972 in the heart of Nottingham City Centre, right next to the Theatre Royal and the pub became the unofficial stage door for many artists, actors and bands of the times including Dad's Army, Showaddywaddy to name but a few. My entertainment career lifted further when I became known as 'The Singing Landlord' and released a single and an album., as well as taking the lead in my childhood football team's fan songs, Notts County and they are still played in the stadium to this day!

After my main career in hospitality took us around the UK to run various pubs, restaurants, entertainment venues and hotels including the leisure facilities at Meadow Lane, the home of Notts County and a castle in Perth, Scotland - in 1996, we took flight to follow our dream of owning a venue out in the Sun and landed in Tenerife, where again we ran popular bar and restaurant businesses until we semi-retired in 2009. I stayed in the entertainment game, still comparing, singing and I was asked to join the local English speaking radio station as their sports presenter and correspondent on 'Oasis FM', moving then onto Ex Pat Radio and Ocean FM over the years.

We returned to the UK after 23 years in the Canaries, settling in Carrville, County Durham near our family, and whilst I am still 'semi retired', I work part time as as local butcher in a farm shop not to far from us. When I left school, this was my initial career path to which I served my apprenticeship and over the years have used those skills in many forms. I also help my Son, Sean, here on CDC Radio, not only presenting - but occasionally with the marketing side of the station.

Some Interesting Information About Me!

My star sign is: Sagittarius

I was born in: Nottingham  .

My favourite colour is: Blue.

My favourite place in the whole wide world is: on the golf course!

My first pet was a: Dog called Honey.

My first car / bike / vehicle was: Vespa Scooter.

The best holiday I ever had was at: Samos, Greece.

In my spare time, my hobby is: GOLF!

If I won a million pounds, the first thing I would buy is: a brand new, top of the line, fully loaded with every extra, Jaguar XJ!

When I go to a friend's party, I like to: drink!

The most famous person I have ever met is: Brian Clough

The first thing I ever remember in my life is: Going to school.

My favourite tipple to drink is: Gordon's Gin & Tonic.

If I had the choice, may last meal would be: Ribeye Steak!

The toy I NEVER got, but always wanted as a child was: a scaletrix!

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